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Called mum last night, told her that what happened yesterday. She was very concerned very worry, I can feels the anger from her. She dislike me being bullied, she is very concerning about my safety… so do Dad. When me utter, talking about my work stuffs, they will be over-acted like I’m being bullied.

I’m still a little girl in their eyes. I’m still a Princess, in their eyes.

Well, I’m not a good daughter thou… I have lotsa secrets, I hide the evil side of mine, doing things they dislike behind them, sometimes I did lie to them too and I seldom have a nice chat with them. It’s very random for me to call mummy yesterday, not sure about why, but I just feels like hearing her scolding. LMAO. Yea, mummy always say I’m weak and gonna scold.

She asked: Did he know I went out that early, Did you guys talk about it… Who gonna be the 1st one to know when I get hurt or meet some robbery/accident? Who gonna find me when I’m missing? Actually I think, no one will figure it out until I’m really dead for few days. WTF!! I can’t recall a person that can 100% know where I am, what I’m doing…

Imagine, me in the photo above, me, I die young. Then I’ll just fade out… fadeeee…. fadeeeee…. outttt…

by Bendan.



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I don’t know if it’s worthy.

I’m like giving you a chance to hurt myself again… this makes me feels terrible. I know you don’t care and you won’t be appreciating but at least I did what I should, to grab what I think I wants.

I know is not worthy, I know. I’m lying to myself, you’ll be good this time altho it’s impossible.




by Bendan.

bendan.me Suspended!!!

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I did not realize that everything has gone so fast, I’ve been blogging in bendan.me almost a year. Here am I, blogging using my previous wordpress account which is here because my bendan.me is currently server down. Aikss~ torturing much, I really miss my blog, I want it back. I’ve putting a lot of effort there, I treated it like my daily must. Hahahaha!! My dairy…

I’m glad I still have here, everything looks great… the template has been upgraded like so pro already!! Cool~ that’s why I love wordpress but then the matters which bothering much here is about the blog template can’t be css or edit + I could not find a way to dump in the Nuffnang’s ads! Garghhhh!!!!!

Anyway, I’m going to be here, perhaps under next week?? I don’t know. Everything gonna be fine right??? *pat pat* Pamper self and hopefully they are not going to lost my data and everything. I’ll cry and die, seriously.


See, bendan.me SUSPENDED!!

OMG OMG!! Some more Nuff’s analytics has stop running… ==” I’m going to lose everything!! What’s important is my dairy… my hapiness, my tears & my effort!! I lost it, I lost my memory. *woops*

by Bendan, =[


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Finally… I decide to post it. I been created this from the very 1st day (18.08.2010)  while Mr.B was telling me, he gonna try to buy me a domain. Was too happy… and I did it with fully hoping and happiness!! Can’t express how GLAD am I during that time, he made it and did it for me. Appreciated it so so so much!! Know what, I’ve been “craving” for a long time… Hoping him to make my dreams come true.

I did try to customize it but fails many days because there’s no one really gonna help me. Lastly, I’m tired… so left it to be like that. *sigh*

Seriously, I should be happy thou but really not in a good mood. Do visit my new place more often, thanks!!

by Bendan, XD

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Everything is Out-of-Date quickly

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Is true, everything will be out-of-date very quickly. I found these are very creative, LOL~~ XD

Picture from http://kaiak.tw/?p=56053

by Bendan, XP

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